Cafe, bar, restaurant, meeting point, boat sales and charter office



Hidden gem in the heart of Marina Botafoch!

Based on the essence of the island, we invite you to come and discover this space we have created where time slows to its most leisurely pace, and a warm sense of well-being permeates. Where the light ambles in from every door and window, inviting a sense of endless summer and golden hours that last forever.

About us

“Mira Ibiza” is a project that was born inside a Family of companies - Smart Yachting & Smart Charter -, with the aim of becoming a meeting point for those who come to Ibiza searching the sea, a relaxed atmosphere, good music and great drinks. To do this we have the best crew.

Upon arrival you will meet our room team, who has years of experience and will do everything to make your experience unforgettable. You will not see our kitchen team but it will be always ready to surprise you with international and innovative proposals, which are designed to fit into your daily life in Ibiza. They start very early in the morning with breakfasts, and they will also be there to make your meals and dinners special.

On your way through Mira, you will surely come across Aless. You will recognize her quickly, she never stops, she grew up on the island and is part of every corner of the place. She is the girl who can solve everything.

You might also see Charlie, he was wrecked on the island twenty years ago and he will always seems busy - and he really is, ensuring that your experience with us will be the best.

Another very important part of our crew is Fidi. Everything that happens behind the scenes is thanks to him.

And finally, if you're lucky, you can also come across Carsten. He is noisy, he is Danish and everyone wants to meet him. With more than 30 years experience running bars and nightclubs, we are sure he will be able to entertain you for hours.

Undoubtedly our biggest feature is that we are part of Mira Ibiza. And the fact that you can find us there, shows our enthusiasm and the desire to be close to you.

Welcome to Mira Ibiza.